Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Group D's IE project- Globe Message: Brochure for app

So, this is our App Brochure. 
Basically, our product is an app which helps prevent you from being cyber bullied in any online social platforms. There are a few other special features which we did not include in our presentation. So this brochure is adequate enough to fill you in, 

Monday, 16 September 2013

TIMELINE for I&E Bazzar


Chief Executive Officer (CEO),
Marketing Manager (MM),
Finance Manager (FM),
Operations Manager (OM),
Production Manager (PM)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Group D - Alicia, Vignesh, Jazzlyn

Group Allocation

Group A
Lim Wei Xuan

Group B
Xun Kexin

Group C
Tan Pat Guan

Group D

Group E
Si Hui

Group F
Mi Su

Group G

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Challenge Statement & Problem statementS

Dear Class,

Work with the group you are allocated as shown below. ( Raveen please come and see me before I can allocate your group)

A lim wei xuan
A Mohamed Ashiq
A Zhang Xuqing
B Ong Chong Lin
B Karthikeyan
B Lakshitha
C Tan Pat Guan
C Rachel
C sneha sivakumar
D Vignesh
D Alicia Lim Hui Suan
D Jazzlyn
E Thiha Htet Zaw
E Ling Si Hui Shiho
F Xun kexin
F Ivan
G Gloria Ng
G Gabriel Sua
G Vijay
H haris
H Ki Mi su

Please come up with 1 challenge statement (Broad)  and at least 5 Problem Statements ( Specific) (you may reuse yours, but it must be related to your group's challenge statement) and bring the A3 paper to class next InE lesson.

Some examples  are given below for you to refer to.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Class Progress for Innovation Mindset and Entrepreneur Spirit

Dear Class,

Generally I am quite pleased that you have given some thoughts to the questions posted in T1 and progress with me for I&E. However , there are some of you that needs to catch up and hopefully catch up with the rest of the class.

Lastly, I need ALL groups to upload their design made after going through SCAMPER.
Currently, I have only "Subarashi" in this blog.

Thank you.

See you in the new term Refreshed with your social challenge.;)

T1W10 Social Challenge

Gentle reminder to take a look at the challenge below.
Do come to class ready with the challenge in mind.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Saturday, 23 February 2013

The CON Bag

Done By: S I X  6 Company -By Karthik,Ivan,Raveen,Chong Lin,Rachel and Jazzlyn From S1-08.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

T1W4 Homework

1) Give an example of a connection between 2 things and how one/two of them inspired an innovation.

    2) COMMENT on the statement above.

    Thursday, 24 January 2013

    Slogan by Vijay

    A person needs a lot of innovative skill and creativity in order to come up with a good invention

    Slogan and video by Haris


    we make something even better for the benefit of others. other wise there is no point in the innovation

    My Innovation slogan By Sneha

    Innovation is not copying ,it is creativity.If everyone believe in their selves, everyone can become innovaters. click on this link to watch my video on innovation)

    My slogan By Vignesh

    Innovation is creative and interesting.We have to persevere, be commited and let our wild thoughts free and experiment them.

    My Slogan by Rachel

    My Slogan

    Innovation is experimenting, creating, 
    validating, new or modified, never too big 
    and never too small.
     Always persevere on and on!

    Wednesday, 23 January 2013

    T1W3 Homework ( Part 2)

    T1W3 Homework ( Part 1)

    innovation slogan by Kexin

    My Slogan by Ashiq

    Your mind can think up great things, let your ideas soar with wings.

    Ivan,Haris,Chong Lin

    Lim Wei Xuan, Gabriel Sua, Tan pat guan

    Si Hui, Gloria and Lakshitha

    Karthikeyan,Thiha and Vijay

    jazzlyn and sneha's wall wisher

    jazzlyn and sneha's wall wisher

    Our Wall(Vignesh&Raveen& Ashiq)

    Shirley(Xu Qing) And Rachel

    Alicia,Misu and kexin

    my InNoVaTiOn slogan By Lakshitha

    Slogan: Imagination at work. When you imagine, you tend create new ideas which can become a great success in the future.

    My video URL:

    Monday, 21 January 2013

    I&E homework

    My slogan: Innovation for a better future
    Explanation: Just like how Steve Jobs innovated phones and computer soft-wares other things have also made our lives better. For example, medicine. With medicine, we are able to recover faster from sickness.


    Innovation slogan

    Samsung demonstrated their new OLED Flexible Display technology in a CES keynote last week.  The new plastic OLED screens can be bent backwards or forwards without ever losing HD image quality. Samsung is using this technology in their new Youm Smartphone and tablet line. I think that Samsung invented
    something very innovative and I believe that this will help mankind in the future

    Sunday, 20 January 2013