Thursday, 18 April 2013

Challenge Statement & Problem statementS

Dear Class,

Work with the group you are allocated as shown below. ( Raveen please come and see me before I can allocate your group)

A lim wei xuan
A Mohamed Ashiq
A Zhang Xuqing
B Ong Chong Lin
B Karthikeyan
B Lakshitha
C Tan Pat Guan
C Rachel
C sneha sivakumar
D Vignesh
D Alicia Lim Hui Suan
D Jazzlyn
E Thiha Htet Zaw
E Ling Si Hui Shiho
F Xun kexin
F Ivan
G Gloria Ng
G Gabriel Sua
G Vijay
H haris
H Ki Mi su

Please come up with 1 challenge statement (Broad)  and at least 5 Problem Statements ( Specific) (you may reuse yours, but it must be related to your group's challenge statement) and bring the A3 paper to class next InE lesson.

Some examples  are given below for you to refer to.

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